a poem by Edward Patrick Chapman, USA

My first recollection of life as I knew it,
Was in an orphanage where I felt I did not fit,
The place was run by very nice nun's,
But following their rules was not exactly fun!

It really wasn't such a bad place,
There were parentless children of every race,
Many of us laughed and cried together,
And huddled together during stormy weather!

Two wonderful people came to see me one day,
I was told they had something important to say,
They talked and my life changed for the best,
They opened their home to me and I was blessed!

They wanted to provide me a home,
Where I was free to roam,
I knew then my new Mom and Dad where here,
And I would no longer have anything to fear!

A few years later they adopted my little Brother,
In my new Family I welcomed another,
We as a Family showed our love for each other,
And doing nice things for them was no bother!

My parents opened a whole new world to me,
They took us many places to see,
My Mom and Dad I loved them so,
They guided us as they watched us grow!

Then my Mom and Dad passed away,
Over my head was a dark cloud the color gray,
The Lord had a better place for them to be,
But for awhile God gave them to me!

I was always be thankful for what I had,
And when Mom and Dad passed away I was very sad,
They played an important role in my life,
Now I am blessed with Susan my beautiful wife!

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