Recounting the Good Day

a poem by Elizabeth Padillo Olesen, Denmark

Night comes, the day is over
And my bed is waiting for me
What has happened this day?
Ah, I had time with friends,
time to look at their eyes
as they spoke, time to listen
to their stories of joys and difficulties.
I had time to laugh and time to say:
“ I am sorry to hear. Can we pray?
See you tomorrow and Good night.”

The day is over and the night comes
My head is calling me to rest on my bed
What has happened during this day?
Ah, I sang with friends, singing songs
which we have learned long time ago,
songs we sang while holding our hands,
discovering insights to our life’s journey.

What has happened this day
as my bed bids me to sleep and lie down?
Ah, we drank coffee and tea
and ate some cakes and biscuits.
We pampered us with what we thought
anti-oxidants like fresh citrus, apples,
berries, grapes, sour soup and the like
And we said goodbye, knowing that
life is always a worthy thing
to thank for and celebrate .
In fellowship with good old friends…

July 30, 2012

Love and Friendship
Just Greeting You!

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