Usain Bolts Again

a poem by Rita Joyce Singh, India

Usain Bolts
Not of frayed nerves that scatter
Just a little matter… of mind over matter
9.63 seconds, affects like some price index hike
Usain’s Bolt of lightning strike
Usain! Again!!

Followed by news about the English weather
So conducive for running hell for leather
The announcer said tongue in cheek.
Sounding excitedly some what Latin-Greek,
(What was heard clearly though, he said,)
“There was just a tad bit of turn in the air, a lightning bolt!”
He continued, “Imagine sudden lightning in these parts,
(And spectators already edgy from the start),
Now imagine ! The same lightning striking twice
London got all lit up, abso-blooming-lutely nice!”

A lesson to our hearts while our eyes may well feast
Not Thor who tripped the finish line, but mind that stronger ‘beast’
To blaze a trail or prospect upon a gold find
Far from fetlocks-practice, rucksack or a pan, all one needs is ….all there in the mind.

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