a poem by Bishal Paudel, USA

The brown leaves that I crush every day,
Beneath the bike wheels I roll,
The point of journey, uphill that I dread,
Every day makes me think-"Just one more pedal to complete,
Then I'm downhill again";

Long, deep breath, almost drained with sweat,
I push myself for the last time,
I realize its just one more cycle to go through,
The breeze that whispers across my ears,
Tells me to stop,
And rather walk,
I go deaf to all the voices that I hear,
Despite the tribulations, the fatigue running down my legs,
I muster all the courage,
To climb up the hill every day;
Hurray! my inner self proclaims each time,
The moment my bike rolls itself again.

My daddy told me life ain't easy when I was a kid,
I looked at my life then, and thought why not?
I confess it was easy then,
Until I bumped into the real world,
I recall the moment I almost gave up,
My daddy said just one more push,
One more time that you ought to kick,
Now I think I was being stupid-giving up,
How I wish I had my bike then,
To remind me to pedal once again.

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