a poem by Satya Arikutharam, India

Daily chores grind me down
Why did I get to this town?
Wild dreams in my placid village
Made me wander to this spillage.

The blessings of a calm dawn
Chirps of birds in the vast lawn
Is what the townsfolk hope to find
As fruits of their daily grind.

I am wiser and chastened now;
And understand life's how!
The futility of nine to five
Is not the only means to thrive.

Back in my village, I grandly live
In simple ways which we all once knew.
Gone are all theĀ illusions of spaceĀ 
That separated me from the grace.

But townsfolk need not despair
If they want,they can still repair;
For peace is within us - always
Just need to change the ways!

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