a poem by Roche Igot Rosos, Philippines

I’ve been into my hardest time
I don’t know whom I could run
I could never find the courage to stand
I become selfish, to think I don’t need anyone

I feel that there is nothing in my life
Though I wanted to make a brand new start
I can’t find a way to gain backed their trust
There doubt is worse than to have lost

They keep on judging on what I have done
My mistakes they recall, yet never give me a chance
I can tell I almost lost my loved on them
But my heart’s crying, so much pain in vain

I wanted to renew myself for the good
Even if it takes time a thousand folds
Everything that happened can be solved
I will bare to it in God’s word to be told

I lay myself in His hands I stand
I entrust in Him all that I am
One day all the sorrows will be gone
In his time everything will be done

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