a poem by Thoughtmonger Varun, Nepal - poetry writer, author, poet

Wise world, you seem so strange
You have made me a stranger
Suppressed me, my start anger
Displayed me, your stray danger

Remark me with judgement of clouds
Miscalculate and step beyond your bounds
Secretly enjoy my laugh out louds
Then poison people hand to mouths

Bullies built systems based on yourself
Made me believe it existed thereself
Chosen choice of system were ourself
So, I must follow the system myself

Educate me cunningness is Way to go
Hide me from, wise wave of flow
Making sure Truth does not bestow
Else Truth makes your poison too slow

But when Truth emerges from within
Inner Self relieves poison like leaves wither
Inner Truth blossoms thereon any weather
Enlightening Intellect, weighing about a feather.

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