a poem by Ariel Boston Epstein, USA

A swan's shadow on the surface
Of a pond of diamond shatters.
Could any gift so perfect
Be reached by any ladder?

Do you know that place I do
Where dawn will melt to dusk?
Where mystery cries the color blue,
Leaving just an empty husk?

The place where you can nurse a sigh
In awestruck, quivering fingers,
House the humblest dream or lie
In the hollow where memory lingers.

That simple valley shrouded in faith
Nestled between each breath of the moon.
That haven of the sweetest grace
Where stars make auroras swoon.

Where a fragile web is broken
By the weight of promises unsaid.
A stronger word was never spoken
Than one poised on woven thread.

Where wings that plunged while soaring high,
Snatched from beauty's glow,
Could one day breathe the scent of sky
They never got to know.

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