a poem by Ferdinand Santos Clemente, Philippines

A simple word starts with "F"
Stands for father like Saint Joseph;
Can be a doctor, police or chef,
Etcetera, five letters left...

The runner-up is letter "A"
Stands for "AND" im proud to say;
It means the third connects with first,
Got solemnized led by the priest...

The letter "M" reveals for free
A "Mother" dear, like Mama Mary;
The best indeed, we all agree,
But not done yet i still have three...

The letters "I" the "L" and "Y"
So sweet to hear, i'll tell you why?
"I LOVE YOU" is the phrase they means,
Then afterall you all convinced!

Father And Mother, I Love You!
Amazing words, believe it's true,
The Family in house alone,
Because of love has made a home...

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