a poem by Estelle Jacobs, South Africa

The winter breeze dries a tear of red from my empty eyes
I notice that the stars are lifeless
As if they’ve died
For you and your silent cries

I find myself walking on broken glass
This pain just can’t seem to pass
Falling deeper into a dangerous trance

The wind picks up
Howling like a pack of hungry wolves all around me
Clouds rolling into the bloody sky
The moon - soon to be satisfied

Thunder crashing
Lightning flashing

My heart racing along with the tide
Cracking deeper with every beat

A bright light shines up ahead
Suddenly, I’m no longer scared

Closer, closer
Shimmering green eyes
And darkest hair

Could it be so?
A strong force lifts my soul
She takes my hand firmly in hers
Whispering Gold: “it’s time for you to go”

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