a poem by Bojosi Ditshwele, Botswana

It was yesterday when you died
At the horizon far west
And your blood smothered
The touching edges
Of the sky and the mountain
While you sank in its redness

Your funeral was fairly graced
By multitudes of mourning stars
uniformly dressed
in a thick black coat of darkness

Today you resurrected
At the touching edges
Of the sky and the mountain far east
And like a child
Fresh from its mother’s womb
You were covered in blood
Which turned golden as you rose

Your resurrection comes
as a sign of the birth of a new life
It turns our darkening dreams
gold, It illuminates our paths
And makes us see far
and beyond the horizon

Yet again you will
In the evening die and
sink in a pool
of blood at the touching
edges of the sky and the mountain far west
And leave us longing
For another golden rise

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