Taj Mahal

a poem by Reginold Ajay Jacob, India

Let me build a wonder of world for you,
Let me build a taj for you,
A king built it for his beloved,
And I am sure I can build it for you.

He build it when he lost his hearts throb,
He build it when he was alone,
And if that the reason for that building,
I have a stronger reason all the more.

He build it when he lost his life essence,
Ill build it because I lost you,
There death played the villain,
Here misunderstanding rocked me and you.

There life and death a barrier played,
Here misunderstanding took its place,
The king might have met his love in heaven,
Here I can’t find any way.

Parted by death, in heaven they met,
Yet alas my love, we won’t meet,
For victims of misunderstanding, never rise,
And even in next age, they can’t meet.

Note:Better is open rebuke than hidden love

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