a poem by Roche Igot Rosos, Philippines

You must keep on moving
In this race of life continue on believing
Our lives are like a candle in the wind
One’s real life is often and no longer to intend

You have your worth in this society
Show your best coz you’re part of the community
This is not about worldly happiness and party-party
This is about the real you on how you live everyday

Making mistakes is not the end of everything
But a chance to renew ourselves and regain again
Excuses is not always a way just to say something
But an opportunity to explain not complaining

Ones worth start in our own action
You can never blame them with such observation
If you act right then you’re in your position
That everything they tell you can never be poison

You don’t need to be perfect
Just do your best and you’ll be terrific
You don’t need others comprehend
Just be yourself and don’t pretend

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