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Sitting underneath a blanket of stars,
I was accessing my life so far.
The miseries & sorrows with whom I dealt,
& the bundle of happiness I had felt.

As each moment passed in front of my eyes,
I silently relived the effects of my truth & lies.
I fondly remembered my days as a child,
Those days which were pleasant, cheerful & mild.

I had a hope that I would never grow up,
Always wished that responsibilities, I would never shoulder .
But alas my hope and faith were blind,
I had to leave my cradle of childhood & take a new flight.

The world of adulthood was completely different & new,
This was the world where I could trust only few.
It was the time when responsibilities had to be taken,
Time when resolutions & promises could easily be shaken .

This part of life had many crests & trough,
Those were the highs of success & lows of failures.
I experienced for the first time what the actual world was,
It was a place of competition & bickering without cause.

Childhood dreams were shattered, my dreamland evaporated,
I had chosen a path to go but those paths deviated.
Life took a different course & I had to take it,
Then I realized that life being a bed of roses was a complete myth.

Sitting underneath a blanket of stars,
I was accessing my life so far.
Journey of years travelled but still way to go,
Life is what we make it, either a friend or a foe.

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