96 Rest In Peace. You'll Never Walk Alone.

a poem by Mark Ainslie, UK

96 Rest In Peace.You'll Never Walk Alone.

Mistruths, slander and despicable acts,
In an effort to cover up the facts.
But the truth is out after all this time,
People in trust can't hide their crime.

We knew all along that they were wrong,
Why oh why did it take so long.
They tried so hard to save their name,
Turning on us, shifting the blame.

The cover up began straight away,
People involved told what to say.
Acting in a way no one understands,
Collaberating storries blaming the fans.

They got away with it for far too long,
They would not admit they were wrong.
They should be shamefull and hold their heads low,
Confirmed facts, the world will now know.

Unbelievable conspiracy took place
It's all come out,by Gods grace.
Acccountabillity wanted for the powers that be
Named and shamed for all to see

They underestimated the Liverpool fight,
Couldn't give up knowing we were right.
Determined perseverence wouldn't cease,
So the 96 could rest in peace.

© Mark Ainslie 2012

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