a poem by Leif Phillips, Australia - poetry writer, author, poet

Oh, you are so sweet
ocd tidy and neat
perfect haircut framing
your beautiful elfin head
delightful bone structure
coloured with genuine personality
lips like a motocross track
perfect curves into infinity
yes, description fails me
your body draped in an Alex Perry original
colour matching your eye shadow
eyes accentuate your soul
touching that wonderful sensitivity
if only you were mine
palatial treasures I would find
to adorn the garden of our love
a single simple white glove
beckoning my presence
and we'd dance
until the angels intervened
my perfect neurotic queen
whisked away
by fantasy and the end of day
I stare from this window
knowing better than to pray
for love not inspired in me,
a casual encounter at a road-stop diner
perfection complete.

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