My dirge to AFAM

a poem by daniel chidie, Nigeria - poetry writer, author, poet

Vanity vanity vanity..
Oh! Perfect Life full of vanity
Transcience a life true philosophy
oh! The crook n'burgler
Burgling our homes
Beating cracks in souls
Moulding vacums in our subtle hearts
Oh! Death thou hast defiled sacred grounds
Now insane n' cruel has so
Made us starve our faith n'feed upon our hopes
For thy mystery so occurs

AFAMEFULA''thy ironicle life
A bright mind on able shoulders
Now lost in the june of thy primacy
O'souls shriek n'shrink
For our tears so shed for loss
An apple begot by two
N'loved by many so like a drop
In the ocean fade away
Oh! Oh! I cry
The cold arms of mystery you dare
To shrug off if thou knew
A clue so faint to us all
As now you excruciate the rythym borne in my laughter
As thou grow pale in haste
am so haunted by serrated shadows
As thy memory lingers

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