Life i dare to phantom

a poem by daniel chidie, Nigeria - poetry writer, author, poet

A prudent spend of means
Well earned without a spree
In the multy hustle prone to my teens
Regrets thus borne
To the case much alliegned
Now to which i mourn

Oh av poured my heart
To my reassurance
Borne by the assaulting part
Oh! My heart
Why must thou shiver so
Cos for fate i regress to go naught

VIOLENCE must i stick to you?
Whilst itching for the brave heart
alas to my wits i shall shoo you
In this youthful hue
When all's aghast n'bestial
I see thus a humble few
Yes! an honest man remains a child
As see'th thier sore sight of good
Now my days must be by meek n'mild

Oh! The heart of man bears thons of evil
I step forth for the change i sought in world
Now with the growing stalking pain
I thus shall make all races marvel

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