The cheating wife

a poem by Charles Fisher, UK

Her husband back
Out the back door her
lover leaves
Powder her self
Refresh the bedroom with
air fresh
Clean linen sheets on the bed
Her husband oblivious to her
extra martial fling
She can get anything past him
Golf bag in the closet
How is things he said
Okay, Lonely without you
She cuddled him
Her lie doesn't bother her
A wild thing earlier on her chest
Two birdies I managed he said
Birdie she scored
A birdie she would not confess
Her heart hide the truth
That she's took another man's hand upstairs
A short walk, no words spoken
Sexual congratulation between
the bed sheets

Lay on the bed awake
Her man in a deep sleep
Silent tears run down her cheeks
Weep in the darkness
Her loyal husband she betray
Her lover earlier on, in the
bed where her husband now lay
Her dream when she was young
A pretty house, in a quiet street
Marry an honest man
Her heart she promised to be true
The truth disappeared
She weeps
It isn't a nice thing to see
She looks into her heart
An adulterer looks back

Her married life she gave up
For what?
A ride in the wild side
That doesn't make her feel
right inside

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