a poem by ROY Douglas KNEALE, UK

His goodly works deserve a laurel wreath
A man who, on VN, earns high regard;
One (of a Noble Trio) known as “Keith”
(Sir Porthos) wields both pen and Balizarde.
One deems me “Liege” – a term somewhat amiss
For I no greater am than such as he;
Sir Richard, quill in hand (as Aramis)
Delights and charms with kind verbosity.
There’s nothing ‘dour’ about my friend Athos
(Though William’s pesky knee bears battle scars)
No Verse a Caber he can’t deftly toss;
With every comment worth a host of stars.
When trouble looms, with them I gladly call
“Fear not – ‘tis all for one and one for all.”
[RDK September 2012.)

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