Little Princess Please Don''t Cry.

a poem by Mark Ainslie, UK

Little princess please don't cry,
Don't let my love pass you by.
This wasn't part of my lifes plan.
Hope you're old enough to understand.

Wipe that tear from off your face,
Put your pretty smile back in place.
Please don't ever make that mistake,
To think that I don't care.

Little princess it'll be alright,
'Though I won't see you every night.
Your smile will take away and hide.
The hurt I feel inside.

So let my love brighten up your face,
Feel the warmth of my embrace.
I could hold you 'till the end of time.
Pretty little princess of mine.

I know this moment don't seem so good,
And i would change things if I could.
One thing you can be certain of.
That's my love, that's my love.

© Mark Ainslie

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