oompa loompa song

a poem by Leif Phillips, Australia - poetry writer, author, poet

Oompa loompa didgeridoo
I’ve got a wonderful sound for you
oompa loompa music for free
tunes of life on a big bus be
what do you get when you seek to destroy
serious child and another angry boy
what do you want from the things that you seek
another bad day that feels like a week
tomorrow promising the same
oompa loompa the price of a car
given clean fuel you will go far
you could even walk its true
like the oompa loompa didgeridoo
oompa loompa didgeridoo
what puzzles me surely puzzles you too
oompa loompa down by the sea
tunes of life on a big ship be
why would you want to own everything
you can’t own the birds or the songs that they sing
digging more holes as the nests come down
with egg on its face the future will frown
just like the past did
oompa loompa smoking is wrong
given clean lungs you will live long
keep your body all shiny and new
like the oompa loompa didgeridoo

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