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A land of few coffins,many graves
A land of scavengers braced with unsterilized blades
Where voices pitch as stuttering riffles
Where men brood on forlon hope
Where the torment of many are thus
By lice licked intestines
Viz i say the perilous land in sight

A land of tussle
Wrapped in the blood n'bond o'its occupants
Most habits in avarice n'scurrilous motives
Thus satiation of their's folly
By anarchy n'despotism

A land revealed to the sea of crude
Yet acclimatize to reign in dark as though dome'd

A land led by the wallet sanction
A land which in its diary laden with gold n'coal
Thus ! Where shelters stand in terrace
Where grapes n'vine wines thus savour'ed by the crooked many
O'a dismay as it un'favour thou trailing legitmacy.....

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