The second entry

a poem by daniel chidie, Nigeria - poetry writer, author, poet

Glancing through the scripture's
Casing to unravel a bizarre
Prone to our wander
Thus! With creed to highlife
Knowledge moored off the coast to eternity
As prosody delights on my acqisition
Thus a troubadour i traverse
Owe'd to second entry
......a penmanship void of pleonasm
To humanity posterity
Thus allussioned to philepedes aid race
I see the civilization pace
Unearthing earths bullions
Caresfallen revolution spree
Thus! To the demise o'our nature sphere
Our warmth intensity
With every prophets belch spelling doom
Now haunted in our bed of thorns
As the mirror ..the scripture spell our bounds
Edge'ing to this verismilitude
The saint more over a thousand cardinals
In epoch shall grace our land incognito....

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