The Word

a poem by Kelly Len Jonson, USA

I made a mistake.
I read a word from an unfinished poem.
I received feedback;
Got an opinion to now consider.

No longer an innocent virgin
Tarnishing the creation it could have become.
Forever soiled, a fabric unwoven, aborted.
Why did my pride slip my tongue?

I didn’t comprehend the consequences that have become.
Never can it be totally claimed as my own.
Did it change a word, its meaning,
A single thought or tone?
Could it of been great or
Is but not by my accord?
Could it of inspired one
Or possibly changed the world?

Its purity unreferenced.
A bloodline questioned.
A bastard by my name.
Will it think I love it less?
My heart is broke.
The child I let down.
Could it ever forgive me?
Or me myself?

I failed proper care
Carelessly inattentive
Permanently scared by my neglect.
relentless the pain will forever grow.

But I will finish what I began!
I will be with you until the end.
I will keep trying the best that I can.
And tell you your lack of meter or rhyme
Makes you unique
Just not uniquely mine

But I’ll keep it my greatest secret
“Mum’s” the word
No one else will ever know.

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