Violence on the trail

a poem by daniel chidie, Nigeria - poetry writer, author, poet

On the morning trail
Striding to the stall
Passer's by rush as the seconds tick
Like lost out on dawn's duty
Speedy refractions of barrow men
chei ! Chei ! The scream on collisions
The crackle of displacement
The degree of insanity heightning
Flaring sounds of voice squabble
doing duels
Kroo ! Kroo! Goes the stampede
Bang ! Goes the attack
Sliding by i trace my route
The free breeze of morning breath
Filthed with the chocking scents of stir'd dust
On the path with men n'ladies
Most with hair styled with ancient thread
Tinted with values of modern world
Singing speeches thus! of boisterous holiday
whilst Some...of trouble
Bearing patches n'scars
Though most were violent
I retire to do my duty ...

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