Mobile that never rang

a poem by Reginold Ajay Jacob, India

I hold my mobile in my hand,
Thinking that it would ring,
Morning till evening, every evening,
Yet it never rang.

They were all so busy,
I had turned to be an island,
Alone, deserted, dejected,
No one to understand.

Weight of loneliness
Have you ever borne?
It’s heavier than sand,
If only you could understand.

If you knew what’s an island,
If you knew loneliness,
If only you could understand,
The depth of the depth.

Note: This poem drives its inspiration from my sister Janet Jacob whose feelings I have lent words. The mobile never rang, now that she is no more, she has no need of such cares.
Now continents wish to meet the island and alas it cannot be.

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