The two look's

a poem by daniel chidie, Nigeria - poetry writer, author, poet

An imaginary object i sought
The lyrical lyre of free
My thoughts as earthly chasm's
Thus of a miasma
With the talent stampede on my land..
Thorns for grass i bleed my guts
Exasperated yet i sought
Wishing a maestro
In panaroma of its rhythm my rhyme
Oh.! Now through my gaze ran a shadow
As the antelope wildly
My stand i took on plinth
Drawling thus.! In beseech she sought my creed
A tone daring to devolve
I dare to devulge
As with pique in pale blue eyes came the glare
Dawning on as motionless by the gaze
Thus in my sore need O'rhetoric
Stripping off like beckoned in vision
Thus to a view in time
The bi-pairs of whitish balls
Fitted in ample skull sockets
Glistening with rave n'fury
As the sturdy arms bore the weight
Oh! My tell tale treasure
A weight of hours faded
Locked in dueling look's as
I sought not alone
Lost for gift to trade my lyre
Lipps unawakened..
Our stare as wool to sheep

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