a tiny seed of love was sown

a poem by Dale Costello, Australia - poetry writer, author, poet

They brought us cross the oceans
filled our lungs with sea
they had torn us from our homes
the blight of the Irish
life as it will be

they say history is carved of sorrow
death as common as a creak
of the wood against the water
that grave in place of soil
the strong lost with the weak

the long trip to Botany Bay
made again through generation
loaf of bread and gavel
politics to the shovel
the birth of convict nation

a land so strange and harsh
refusal only greeting those who ask
lash beating with heat of summers
water now life's commodity in its stakes
to survive true corruption of human task

many died in the crossing
many more in sentence passed unknown
and yet this country is built strong
Irish hearts turning prison into home
where a tiny seed of love was sown.

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