Evil in this world

a poem by daniel chidie, Nigeria - poetry writer, author, poet

Oh.! What a world so full of pain, where men slaughter men,where living through daily's now on dread.
A world where men relish on others sweat, oh! A world engulfed in man made pain.
The agony stricken relationships men keep, striking deals of death.
I say.! Fear is all we habour
And peace only the mild crave..
Woe to men of evil deeds
Woe betide thou who crave violence, hmmm! The innocent blood cries.
Now the meek n'mild shed not tears but blood, Grace ! nOw is thus left for the lord....
Oh....! I cry as i write, the much evil of death of cold blood murder, men thwarting the life in others...
What a world, strife growing turgid and standing as anti to our great thrive, in all av seen,writen and will always write..i see that life is cruel n'bestial to suborn man, and hearts of thorns so bears men of this generation.....

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