For You

a poem by Chloe Margaret Taylor, UK

How to catch you? To draw your image
In words, in rhyme, now and here?
Just to have you, to keep you,
Some semblance of you to cling on to, and hold you near,
For, close as we were, far now we are,
Though I reach, my touch goes straight through.
Thoughts and dreams, in trickles and streams,
Are all of the things that I knew,
But little is left, how to keep in colour
The few parts of you that are mine?
I once had you whole, your riddles, your songs,
But now just fragments of rhyme
Are all I have left, they fade, and bereft
I’m alone with a shadow. It’s true,
You’re an enigma, wonderful, still you draw me.
My love, now and always, is for you.

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