a poem by ROY Douglas KNEALE, UK

‘Tis true I fled,
And Time, swift passing, inward wrought me sad;
Because no longer our hands could entwine.
Somehow, and heaven knows the reason why,
I deemed it less than meet to make you mine.
Despite your tears, the day I bid goodbye,
While wishing e’er could last the bond we had,
‘Tis true I fled.

I loved you then,
When you, so young, my lover yearned to be,
But e’en though in my veins desire burned,
Ne’er e’er as lovers did we then behave.
‘Twas not that you, by me, were being spurned,
But that your innocence I chose to save.
‘Twas proof (when from temptation I did flee)
I loved you then.

{Author's Note: I'm having one of my better days today - hence the above reflective poem. Bless you all. ROY.]

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