a poem by ROY Douglas KNEALE, UK

Every conflict's fighting man
Moved to suit a General's plan
Fodder for the game of war
Pawns upon an Admiral's board
Skyward flung by some Air-lord
Sacrificial lambs galore.

Specimens of prime and fettle
Targets to be sprayed by metal
Veterans and rookies raw
Fragile beads strung-out in lines
Blown to smithereens by mines
Slain like those who went before.

Oh the folly and the madness
Oh the suffering and sadness
Stretching back to days of yore
Oh the futile devastations
Undergone by warring nations
Etched in blood on foreign shore.

Father, husband, brother, son
Fallen heroes; Bless each one!
Let us pause with due regret
To reflect: LEST WE FORGET.

Cat.No.G86. – Re-posted.
[For November 11th 2012. RDK.]

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