a poem by ROY Douglas KNEALE, UK

From fervent belief to serious doubt
Takes many a soul upon a new course;
Bowing to “Truth” and then choosing to flout
When finding no proof of author or source.
To peddle cultural norms of the day
Tales are re-clothed to disguise legends old;
Well-worn paths trod take the careless “astray”
By gladly accepting all they are told!
Fact versus fiction? The question is posed
With those betwixt urged to make up their mind.
Whose ears are stopped up? Who has both eyes closed?
Are sightless guides (ditch-ward) leading the blind?
Thus do minds query when “proofs” fail to show
Answers, we cannot, as mere mortals know.
[Cat. No. GSWN 555. RDK November 2012.]

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