a poem by ROY Douglas KNEALE, UK

Let those of FAITH implore the Power above
To intervene and heal a friend struck ill;
A gallant soul who speaks of Godly Love
And willingly accepts the Divine will.
Let those who DOUBT lend their sincere thoughts,
To congregate o’er distant land and sea;
In fervent hope such empathy aborts
What troubles one of VN’s family.
Let those of every gender, colour, creed,
In heart and mind yearn swift recovery
For one who always strives to sow love’s seed;
So all of us, from woe, can be set free.
Let EVERYONE join hands and clearly call –
“VN is all for one and one for all!”
[Composed in the hope that many will send
‘Get well’ messages to our dear Musketeer
Richard Gildea. RDK. November 2012.]

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