a poem by ROY Douglas KNEALE, UK

WHO ARE YOU who regularly bully?
By seeking those born weaker to deride
Perpetrating misery and sorrow
That leads to sheer despair and suicide.
WHO ARE YOU who underpay your workers?
Or do not honour those who gave you life
Fail to be ‘a help meet’ to your husband
Or never lift a hand to help your wife.
WHO ARE YOU who generate pollution?
Adding woes to Nature’s mortal coil
Poisoning with pesticides the foliage
Or wreaking havoc with your leaking oil.
WHO ARE YOU with placard and with banner?
In violent demonstration of protest
So filled with every show of indignation
Claiming you alone can know what’s best.
WHO ARE YOU in adolescent ignorance?
Accusing that ‘the old’ engaged in useless ploy
Chanting slogans advocating freedom
Which by rebellious acts you then destroy.
WHO ARE YOU in highly polished pulpit?
Bedecked in your regalia of cloth
Preaching with a pseudo-sanctimonious-ness
Your version of some future doom and wrath.
WHO ARE YOU who crucify morality?
With hedonistic doctrines of the flesh
When ‘situation ethics’ are your yardstick
With corruption your measure of success.
WHO ARE YOU who say it doesn’t matter
If streets are where our children have to rove?
When after school they find their home is empty
Deprived of their own parent’s proper love.
WHO ARE YOU who worship every science?
Claim that the social-state is now your right?
Demand your every need and full protection
Yet burn your flag and then refuse to fight!
WHO ARE YOU who stand on party platforms?
Verbose with every promise for the mass
Well knowing as you do with each election
Those pledges will just never come to pass.
WHO ARE YOU who conquer field and orchard?
Claim it’s by the sweat of natural toil
But raise just crops of non-organic produce
Then leave behind polluted lifeless soil.
WHO ARE YOU who cause a ‘junkie’s’ agony?
By cultivating and supplying the weeds
Which cater to the stubborn and the stupid
In search for satisfaction of perverted needs.

I’LL TELL YOU WHO YOU ARE – you brood of vipers
Despite your every claim to having ‘Pontius Pilate’s hands’.
I’LL TELL YOU WHO YOU ARE – you whitened sepulchres
The TRUTH will hurt – but TRUTH is what each question asked demands.
I’LL TELL YOU WHO YOU ARE with all your blemishes
What’s more I’ll tell you WHY you are this way
I’LL TELL YOU WHY you’re dying on the roadsides
With the numbers fast increasing every day.
I’LL TELL YOU WHY you’re filled with racial hatreds
Which lead to acts of inhumanity
Why danger stalks the streets of all your cities
Why preachers teach a false theology.
I’LL TELL YOU WHY you hide your infant slayings
Behind a cloak of psychiatric lies
Submitting to your evil legislators
While yet another unborn baby dies.
I’LL TELL YOU WHY you sought escapist doctrine
Turned on with ‘pot’ and trips on LSD
Your start was beads and flowers – but you’ll finish
In the grim abyss of drug’s insanity.
I’LL TELL YOU WHY your Courts of Law are bending
To vindicate your pornographic blight
Why false messiahs crying ‘Liberation!’
Appear to you as angels clothed in white.
I’LL TELL YOU WHY you now embrace perversion
To the point where FILTH is what invokes your grin
Why gallantry is vanishing from menfolk
Why girls strive to be tough and masculine.
I’LL TELL YOU WHY the crime rate keeps on rising
With daily muggings, murder, rape and theft
And why you have to build more institutions
To house increasing numbers with no hope or reason left.
I’LL TELL YOU WHY your soldiers die on battlefields
In wars that never win a lasting peace
I’LL TELL YOU WHY you have such cruel masters
I’LL TELL YOU WHY you loathe the old traditions
I’LL TELL YOU WHY you spurn authority
I’LL TELL YOU WHY you kick at law and order
I’LL TELL YOU WHY the young reject society
I’LL TELL YOU WHY you sing your songs of hopelessness
Yet fail to preach a true apocalypse
I’LL TELL YOU WHY – though you strive not to listen
To the words of TRUTH which form upon my lips.

HUMAN NATURE – that’s the basic reason
For all the worthless pride that fills your life
HUMAN NATURE is the cause of jealousy
Of lust, of greed, of vanity and strife.
Its cruelty that makes those powerful hated
Corporate greed that makes the poor rebel
Religious zeal that leads to persecution
Changing dreams of paradise into a human hell.
Its politics that now divides a nation
While national pride adds fuel to the fire
Its vanity and lust that are the downward pulls
To drag all hope of decency into their stinking mire.
Its stubbornness and ignorance that blinds so many eyes
While superstition breeds so many fears
A great deception hanging over humankind
Has served to dull their minds and close their ears.
HUMAN NATURE – that’s the common factor
Alike to EVERYONE of EVERY race
The motivating force that causes envy
Or brings a scowl of anger to your face.
HUMAN NATURE – that’s what you were born with
YOU have it with you all the days you live
Throughout man’s history this has been the enemy
In constant battle he has grappled with.
HUMAN NATURE is ‘the great deceiver’
Within the heart of man an evil tool
It’s HUMAN NATURE that has ruined nations
Or turned the wisest man into a fool.

So look within to recognise ‘the loser’
When human nature takes ‘the winner’s plate’
Don’t look to see if you’ve a fallen neighbour
Look at yourself and your own faulty state
What do YOU count as being important?
For what pet whim or fancy do YOU care?
How often do you look into ‘the Mirror’?
And then admit to what’s reflected there?
YES! – What’s reflected there is HUMAN NATURE
An image, which in every way is true
YES! - What is there revealed is the culprit -
A flaw-prone nature that resides in you.
YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE in all your faultiness
Why all the things I say are sadly true;
It’s all because you have a human nature
Innately primed to take control of you.
I know that what I’ve said will not be welcome
I also know – while not assigning blame –
How much of this indictment is applicable
To many a human soul – AND I’M THE SAME

Only by becoming meek and lowly
Can we from earthly evil rise above:
It’s time we rose above our human nature
By living caring sharing lives of Universal Love.

[Cat. No. G7.]

[AUTHOR’S NOTE: As dear Marcia will know, the above is the
Re-posting (from 21/May/2010 on VN) of a poem I composed
between 11pm & 11.45pm one night, during 1969, when I
was a zealous chap and only half my current age. The TRUTH
is too often unwelcome, but needs to be spoken; WHOEVER DENIES MANKIND’S ‘fallen state’, DENIES REALITY!
The affectionate and all inclusive VN FAMILY are an example
all the people of the world would do well to emulate. R.D.K.]

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