An Animal Acrostic

a poem by Denis Barter, Canada - poetry writer, author, poet

Tall and sleek. Why, their heads seem to brush the sky,
Haughty in looks, find it hard to drink when dry.
Eating leaves they strip the trees, many feet high.

Graceful creatures that roam the African Plain
In stately procession. Keen eyes scan the terrain,
Ready to run should they sense danger,
And always suspicious of any stranger.
For they remain aloof, far from any man,
Finding him peculiar. Hard to understand!
Extra careful in the huge Witwatersrand!

And next on the list of animals to see,
Never to be petted or cuddled by me.

An animal that is savage, quite quirky
Looking for a victim, in waters murky,
Lazing away hours like a submerged log,
In water or deep mud. No! It’s not a frog.
Gorging himself whenever he finds a meal,
And then sleeping long hours. No one will dare steal
The left overs. This he’ll take and hide away,
Only to eat later when he’s caught no prey.
Really he’s not a nice beast, I’m sure you’ll say.

And in case you think he’s alone. Has no friend?

Close is another on whom he can depend:
Ready and quite willing to fight to the end.
Opening his mouth frightens most folks - he’s bold,
Cunning and crafty, he’s a sight to behold.
Our best advice is to keep away. Stand clear!
Don’t trust him an inch if you hold your life dear!
I would never want one to keep as a pet,
Luckily he’s not the type I’m likely to get,
Even if I were dared. That’s a safe bet.

This will be my last rhyming teaser to you.
Each of these animals is found in your zoo,
And I will give just one more excellent clue.
Reading down these lines should make it plain to you.
Do think hard before asking your Dad or Mum
Reaching the answers, although easy for some,
Others find a taxing and difficult task.
Put your thinking cap on for I want to ask,
Should you shed these if you were put in a zoo?

(This is great fun! I'm on a roll! Lol! Okay this will be my last. No promises though!)

(Giraffe, Alligator, Crocodile,Tear Drops.)

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