"WHEN -"

a poem by ROY Douglas KNEALE, UK

When you can face your fiercest foe, yet hail them as if met a friend,
Deflect their darkest scowl with smiles - then wish for them a happy day,
When you encounter endless woes that plague the paths we mortals wend,
Provide support (while others wail) and empathy (that’s true) display;

When you can view all human wrongs, yet count them "loss of innocence"
Though many outwardly condemn (with hearts and minds no less impure),
When for Earth’s creatures great and small you seek to show benevolence,
While those around you do not care about the pains the dumb endure;

When you greet every day that dawns as if Hope had been born afresh,
And (even though you’re weary worn) continue fighting the good fight,
When you all debts (owed you) forgive, and never crave your ‘pound of flesh’,
When you (though noble) humble are – in all you utter forth or write;

When you have meek and lowly been while gifting all you have to share
To those in need (the poor and sick) and wept when e’en "a sinner" dies,
When you can look into ‘the mirror’ – but see no reflection there,
Through golden gates you will have passed, and be (dear one) in Paradise!


[May the Connecticut tragedy create an increased desire to evidence LOVE – not hatred,to harbour FORGIVENESS – not condemnation, and may the healing power of international EMPATHY serve to lessen the horrendous grief of those who have lost loved ones.]

In tearful sympathy, ROY KNEALE.

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