The Christmas Pickle Story

a poem by Linda Bates Terrell, USA

The Christmas Pickle Story

I looked that big tree over and over
I tired to find it hidden within
I leaned and I bent back and forth
I moved the branches up and down
I felt like a silly tired old clown

But nowhere could it be found
That 'Christmas Pickle' with its luck
Then I heard a little munching sound
It was a mouse behind that tree
He was after a cheese curl you see

But as I looked there it was by his knee
On the branch just for me to see
I grasp it from the tree branch
And soon I attained the luck of the pickle
with all its German's tradition fame and glory
And this is a poetic version, of another
'Christmas Pickle' story.

Linda Bates Terrell ©
December 17, 2012

This my is a new version of the story of the 'Christmas Pickle'.

The 'Christmas Pickle' is said to be a German tradition,
or some say it stared during the Civil War, there are many stories to its originality. But it is said to bring luck throughout the coming year to whoever finds it. I feel the luck from writing this story of the Christmas Pickle, and those who read this story of the "Christmas Pickle" maybe it will bring you luck too.

Merry Christmas to my Family, Facebook friends and Friends at VoiceNet.

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