Man is A horror show

a poem by Leif Phillips, Australia - poetry writer, author, poet

trapped in its black covers
with gold writing
all things are true
before they are seen
God has spake
through the empty vessel of man
rapist and murderer
obsessor of indoctrination
non thinker and defiler of innocence
look at the world your choices have made
be accountable
Jesus and the holocaust
idiom and slavery
primitive rites and the arrogance of men
time turning slow on their souls
books picked up quickly in wilful hands
endorsing the horror with psalms
indulging the lies with comparison
would God endorse them?
where is your faith?
you refuse faith!
God gave you questions to ask
to stand against the horror
of man’s words and wars
yet you refuse faith
you indulge the devils lie
pick up the convenience of man’s eternity
and stand idly by whispering of light
innocence continues to be murdered
while you forgive yourself
the petty differences of existence
the blind indifference of your faithful apathy!
faith? you are joking aren’t you?
you concede more faith with every page turned
than you have left

I promise you
because I know
God exists only in the wonder of children
and the miracle of rare adult.

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