Connecticut School Shooting (Dec. 2012)

a poem by Roche Igot Rosos, Philippines

It was really a year end tragedy
For the victims who lost a family
An innocent child suffer and died
That man killed them while they cried

Its hard to believe what happen
I can't judge the man behind the scene
Co'z I don't know what he had been
To do such thing into innocence children

I wanted to share some thoughts
This poem is my way the reason I wrote
To the family who still grieving the cost
Of their beloved as young they lost

I am one of the million who sympathizing
Who pray for their family to be strengthen
That may God be with them in their pain
And ease all the sufferings and learn to forgive them

It's not easy to forgive they say
But God teach us to love our enemy
Even if it's not yet the time to conceal
all what have happen the answers will reveal

Dear Lord hear our one hearts prayer
Unite us with love make us a blessing to one another
Create in us a clean heart with forgiveness
As you forgive those who mocked you as we witness

Teach us to be strong all the way long
As we wait for your coming the day you return
To save as from sins and all we did is wrong
By the power of your love us let us be reborn

Let those families be still in your side
And learn to accept and let go of their pride
To face another day with hope and faith
That heaven is the place where again they will meet

Christmas and new year is getting near
You must face another challenger w/o fear
Know that God up there really care
That he will never abandoned us forever

In Jesus name we trust and we pray
He is almighty and he is the only way...amen

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