Just A Cup Of Coffee On The Wall ( a story)

a poem by Nishu Mathur, India

In a little town in a quaint coffee shop
Peculiar and unique was the way
Each time one asked for coffee
One for the wall, he'd say.

The server would then serve coffee
The way it was wanted, large, medium or small
Then stick a hand scribbled note that read
'Coffee on the wall' on  the wall

The customer would pay for it
His coffee...for whatever he had called 
And for that hand written note that said 
'Coffee on the wall' on the wall 

Then those homeless, destitute, tired, weary
Who had little money or no money at all
Would walk into this quaint little coffee shop
And request for 'a coffee from the wall'.

The server would bring them their coffee
With due respect and regard..standing proud and tall
Their eyes would sparkle, ember like 
To behold their 'coffee from the wall'.

Their hearts smiling, faces flushed, hands cosy 
In cold winter when snow so white would fall
A small kindness that brought such warmth
Just a cup of coffee on the wall

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