Ice Princess

a poem by Skye Kerri- Leigh Bagshaw, UK

I sit on my throne day by day
And nobody will ever say
What they think and feel
Because to them I am no longer real

It is true that for a while
I managed to fool them that my smile
Was genuine, it was real
And I held mystery, a sense of appeal

But one day I let my guard down
And I allowed myself to weep and frown,
No longer can I pretend
Because they will know to the end

Now I have to confess
That I am the ice princess
And I live in a world of cold lies
As well as broken ties
Due to them finally being able to see
The real me

I am nothing more and nothing less
Than the ice princess
Who lived in a pretend world
Until the mountain of secrets unfurled,
Now that know and so do I
That I am the ice princess

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