The Tiny Droplet

a poem by John Brennan, Australia

I'm a tiny droplet
Falling from the sky
I feel a sense of freedom
As air goes rushing by

Other tiny droplets
Join me in delight
We hit the ground with impact
And end our carefree flight

Some are lost forever
Engulfed by dry terrain
The rest of us survive
Atop a vast domain

The mountain top is rounded
We canter down its side
A valley in the distance
Keen to be our guide

Dispersed we were at first
But now we are a stream
We glide and flow together
Working as a team

A highland pool is waiting
Calling more than one
For other streams like us
Will join us in the sun

Our flow has somewhat slowed
A river long and wide
The sea ahead we meet
The wind will end our ride

On crested waves we foam
We are nature's guest
We're swept into the heavens
A cloud we join and rest

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