The Three Musketeers

a poem by Denis Barter, Canada - poetry writer, author, poet

(A historical/modern mish-mash narration)

In historical times, as Alexander Dumas authoritatively told,
Monsieur D’Artagnan and his comrades, were swordsmen bold.
When they banded together - after some fierce in-fighting spats,
they swore an oath to reduce the ranks of crooks and spoiled brats,
taking the position they’d return France to more peaceful ways.
It was a troublesome time of intrigue which dominated the days
of honest countrymen. Their results were seldom to be disputed,
and as that of our intrepid Musketeers! Deservedly well suited!

Like the original Three Musketeers who rode into town,
and pledged that they together united, would hunt down
any lord, lady, or common thug who with criminal intent,
had defrauded the people, and were known to be truly bent!
Such despicable villains they would eradicate from France
once discovered to be crooked, and they’d seize the chance
to take the law into their own hands. This they had stressed,
was to right the wrongs of anyone persecuted or oppressed!

Shortly, with honesty and chivalry their first aim,
folks would often hear bloated aristocrats exclaim
“these measly varmints must be brought to heel
for becoming popular, they gain too much appeal,
as they show commoners and riffraff of the street
that our oppressive ways and governance can be beat!
These three horse riding, duelling fools spoil our fun
and are out organising revolts by every son of a gun!”

Chivalrous men indeed, were the Musketeers Three,
as brave and bold as any man or woman would ever see.
Some considered them Fops in ‘drag’ and a touch soft,
but when challenged they, with drawn swords waving aloft,
would challenge any man, who’d soon find he’d met his match
as a Musketeer with lightning quick strokes, would despatch
him to join the company of infidel forebears! Their cold steel
gave no quarter! Rogues were given no time to bargain a deal!

Although our Three Musketeers have adopted the “Trio of Fame”
as models, they’re unlike the ‘Originals’ for they seek not fame.
They are content to promote and challenge, poets to a monthly duel
of literary ability. Firstly they invite a named baton holder to fuel
and inspire member participants, willing to enter the monthly fray.
Presently we anticipate the challenge of our baton holder today,
who, it is hoped, will present us with a another chance to shine.
As talented exponents with expertise, follow the Musketeer line

Doubtless the honourable Three - or perhaps it’s four - Musketeers,
have chosen wisely: for this is their way, as discerning volunteers!
The baton holder will be keeping poets busily engaged, well aware
that with his challenge he’ll further promote the passion, poets share,
and with devious skill and encouragement, ensures the site will thrive.
Our Musketeers emulate the ‘originals’ and their derring-do elan,
as would any honoured Three. Without exception they offer, to a man,
support and advice, to any Voices Net poet, in a manner tender,
and set good example, by helping neophyte or expert, of either gender.

Our modern day Athos, Porthos and Aramis, known to us as
Richard, Roy and William and their chosen Squire - lad or lass,
will keep our grey cells working. More so when our new baton holder
arrives upon the scene. Once begun his first steps will become bolder
once he seizes the reins, and the first of VN poetic offerings appear.
Quickly the pace will gain momentum as his intention becomes clear,
until we see the flood gates open as realisation sets in to show
the new challenge is fast catching on, even if it does start slow!

So here’s a toast to the new baton holder. Whatsoever he chooses,
Voices Net and The Musketeers are sure winners, for no one loses
when champions of the poetic word are enticed to set free their muse,
to explore a topic in depth and variety. No matter what he might choose,
VN talent will ensure their poetic offering adhere to challenge rules
indicated at the start of a new session. No sword play - that’s for fools,
but a ‘play on words’ is permitted, as is the art of crafty poetic deceit
once they’re advised of challenge details, then members will compete.

My attempt at a whimsical approach and
analogous comparison with our present day Three Musketeers and Dumas's Duelling stars!

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