a poem by Skye Kerri- Leigh Bagshaw, UK

Note: This poem is meant to have one more word added per line, but because of the spacing I have been unable to show this in all places. Can you imagine it with such an effect whilst reading it, please?
In my
Mind, of counting
And listing verbally and
Mentally, to distract me from
What I think I MUST do
Before my anxiety gets to such an
Extent that I’m unable to function at all.

In my
Routine, of writing,
Reading and revision, because
I feel it is necessary
To succeed, and to distract me
From the unwanted thoughts: flashes of horrific
Images that flood my head, making me feel
Overwhelmed and over the edge, which is why I
Have my routine and my counting and listing compulsions, which keeps such unwanted thoughts and images out of my head until
I get worse. Which I hope to prevent from happening with determination.

If everything else is irrational, my determination to end/
This hellish experience isn't.

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