a poem by Roche Igot Rosos, Philippines

I can't think about anything
To start a new poem I was wondering
Something that could be interesting
That would make the readers satisfying

When we were young doing some fun
All day and night under the sun
So innocent for everything we have done
We just smile even if we don't understand

Miss those days like the way it used to be
If only it could happen now a days
This world maybe in peace and we see
Our children could play and enjoy life freely

The colors of the nature may took place
All the violence and the disgrace
May mankind must stand and unite
To rebuild this world and hold each other tight

God entrust us this to take care of his creation
He knows we can settle everything without hesitation
To let us know that all of us has its own mission
To serve Him at all time and see His revelation

The hope of this entire world start with us
To make this wonderful again we must do our task
OUr faith must remain strengthen at all times
You have nothing to worry co'z we are all in God hands...

Time Matters

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