a poem by Roche Igot Rosos, Philippines

They use to wake up everytime you cry
To check your diapper and change if its needed
Comfort you and took care of you till you're young
Give you the nutrients you need for you to be strong

Now you've grown old and do things you want to explore
Into relationships enjoy somebody you dont use to know
On the other hand your parents are left behind
Because you have to live your life on your own

We can never feel how hard for them to let us go
Till you have your own family and feel the same way too
Being a parents is not a job, but was chosen by God
To guide us, teach us and mold us with faith in heart

When we see our own children then we can tell
How bless are we to have our parents who always understand
Now its your turn to be parent to your children
Learn from your experience embrace yourself as a parent now

Don't treat them like just some old people
They are still your parents who took care of you
spend time with them if you have some and listen
To their story for everything they have been through

Don't just ignore because you know everything
parents know best so be humble seek some advice
Share moments with them to remember how you've been love
By your parents who always wants nothing but you'll not be harm

Our parents keep on praying for us before their needs
That our lives is safe and not at stake
we are always their priority to watch over
They believe God entrust us and to him to be deliver

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