Wake Up Oh Sleeper!

a poem by Phillip Joseph Hussey, UK

Wake up from your
Slumber, Oh sleeper;
Lest your present troubles
Take you ever deeper;
There is still some time
For your toil to reap;
While the claws of age
Are ne’er so deep;
While the sun shines
Stained colours in life;
Take care of thyself
And so too your wife;
Let not the folly
Of false wisdom;
Make you vegetate
In retired freedom;
Rise and be fruitful
For now is the hour;
Not to slumber and
Become stale and sour;
So awake Oh sleeper
From your slumber;
Let not the waters
Of life run dry;
So you can always
In faith no cumber;
So there is no more
Need to sink and cry!

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