The Hammattan wind..

a poem by daniel chidie, Nigeria - poetry writer, author, poet

This wind blowing by
from this corner i think the west
forcing thy self to do my chores
reading my books through flickering pages
shutting my doors and windows with your violent slam's !!
Sipping gently the liquid upon my floor
wiping every moist on my lips
only to crack my dry pretty face
oh! Thou hammattan wind what a mistery friend thou are.
None a time i have seen thee but thy impact i feel in time
all people i know are
happy to feel thy scurry blow
yet in turn scared of thy wrath
as thou has come with your sickly white cloak
to spray on our cream void skins
our liquor and acqua now chilled with thy presence
making all dare a touch of moist
oh! Dear hammattan wind
at every season you come a young warlock
intense strength,dust flares your hue
while you whistle your alert you tear our gardens apart
making all resort to cloth furrs
your presence we always love
yet thou leaves i and many with love,broken lips n'cracked soles
thy presence we sought when you're gone
same presence i and many dare when thou come

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